The Cuevas del Pino estate sits in the foothills of Sierra Morena, in calcarenite stone terrain arranged in a slightly sloping strata that gives rise to various geological formations native to the area, among these are caves which resulted from quarrying that supplied Cordoba with stone during its most splendorous centuries.

Historically, the product of these hollows in the rock emerged when livestock watchmen used them as small shelters. Today, they have been rehabilitated to form rural housing and accommodate new countryside activities.

Both the pre-existing walls and the rock itself, enclosed and defined an area of great spatial and material wealth, and for this reason, we decided to focus the intervention toward a fluid and continuous dialogue between those pre-existing conditions and the new architecture, always from a respectful position seeking proximity rather than direct contact.

Within this dialogue, we have created a new spatial experience that manages to value the tectonic nature of the area through the use of new architectural elements: clean and quiet volumes, bright and ample spaces, use of stone materials for the flooring, such as concrete and marble, glass openings to the south to conjure natural light and handcrafted wooden furniture to give warmth to the cave house.

Project data:

Date: October 2012

Location: Villarrubia (Córdoba)

Client: Pilar del Pino López

Building work: Cuevas del Pino

Area: 104 m2

Budget: 93.590 €

Pictures: ©Ignacio Amián & ©David Vico